At Adelaide Pool Fencing Guys, we have a wide range of stainless steel spigots available. These are suitable for use with our frameless pool fences.

Quality Stainless Steel

All our spigots are made from marine grade stainless steel which makes them extremely durable and strong.


Adelaide Pool Fencing Guys’ stainless steel spigots are suitable for use in both external as well as indoor swimming pool fences. They can be used for deck-mounting as well as core-drilling. The key features include:

  • Superior quality
  • Easy to install, perfect for DIYers
  • Aesthetically sound
  • Designed to meet Australian pool safety guidelines
  • No holes needed to cut into glass
  • Affordable on the pocket
  • Highly flexible to use
  • Suitable for use with glass of thickness between 10mm – 12mm

The glass in our fence panels is gripped by a rubber grip sleeve which lines the interior of the spigots. We install our glass panels at least 50mm off-ground when using with spigots. Using multiple spigots to support your glass pool fence allows you to enjoy a fully frameless fencing design, with unobstructed views, for a modern contemporary look.

If you are looking for a professional and licensed fence installer for you swimming pool fence, give Adelaide Pool Fencing Guys a call today for a no-obligation, free quote.